Buy Profitable Used Antminer S9I/J 14.5T Bitcoin


Buy If you are inquisitive about purchasing a used Antminer S9I/J or another mining equipment, there are various on line systems and marketplaces where you could find dealers presenting such merchandise. Websites like eBay, Amazon, and specialised cryptocurrency mining forums or marketplaces may have listings for used mining device.



Model Antminer S9j (14.5Th) from Bitmain mining SHA-256 algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 14.5Th/s for a strength consumption of 1350W.


First of all, thanks to your hobby and guide to Apexto. In order to avoid misunderstandings within the manner of buying a miner, please examine all of the following notes cautiously before placing your order. Thank you very a great deal to your expertise!

1 – Regarding the specific dynamic of the miners market, there’s a possibility that the miner’s price has changed when we get hold of your fee and we would need to refund your order.

We use a batch manner for all the miners orders , and that we have each batch at quite constrained quantities .The charge of various batches of miners is exclusive although it’s the identical version of miner . They are promoting pretty rapid. Regarding the fantastically variable and demanded market , the rate will be extraordinary every day for in inventory miners . So there’s a possibility that the miner’s rate has long past up when we get hold of your fee and we want to refund you for the order .

2 – About stock miners 

The stock miner delivery date might be 3-7 working days. Once we receive your order, we will at once notify our technical middle staff to test the gadget you have got ordered to ensure that it is walking well. We will even send you a video for confirmation. We will deliver the system to you simplest once we ensure that each one the overall performance of the gadget is pleasant. Then, we are able to supply the system to our freight forwarder for shipping. We will replace the tracking wide variety at the internet site and you will receive an electronic mail for information.

3 – About preorder miners

The real delivery date of the pre-order miner depends at the factory’s delivery date of the miner. We will imply the anticipated transport month of the pre-order miner on the order web page so you could make a attention. However, there can also still be a put off in delivery. For one, if the manufacturing unit’s shipping date is delayed, then the transport of the Apexto miner can also be delayed. There is also the possibility that the manufacturing facility will not be capable of produce the miner inside the expected time, wherein case we are able to process a refund on your order.


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