Buy Oil Immersion Cooling Kit C2 12kW Popular


Buy Oil immersion cooling kits are designed to offer efficient cooling for high-overall performance computing structures, inclusive of cryptocurrency mining rigs. They use a non-conductive cooling fluid to burn up warmness more successfully than conventional air or water cooling strategies.

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Apexto Immersion Cooling for Crypto Mining

——Provide from Home Mining to Large-scale Mining Solutions

IMMERSION MINING KIT C2——Designed for Home Mining

Compared to C1

Completely redesigned, extra than 30 details re-engineered, consumer enjoy progressed Higher Load


C2 12kW cooling capability + Adaptive adjustment

Energy-saving answers for maximum usage environments

  • At 35 °C, C2 can offer complete 12kW cooling potential. Each miner has a cooling margin of 2kW to aid sufficient overclocking.
  • The C2 dry cooler helps computerized frequency adjustment in step with the temperature exchange of the coolant. It can respond to changes in ambient temperature in real-time, making sure operation with the lowest energy consumption.

C2 (No Dry cooler), C2+ Dry cooler (EXW)


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