Buy Oil/ Immersion Cooling Box 200kW


Buy Oil/immersion cooling boxes are designed to offer green cooling for high-electricity computing systems, consisting of cryptocurrency mining rigs. They use a non-conductive cooling fluid to submerge the mining hardware, dissipating warmth greater efficaciously than traditional air or water cooling strategies.

Apexto Immersion Cooling for Crypto Mining

——Provide from Home Mining to Large-scale Mining Solutions

  • Apexto Cooling Container 200kW——Ideal For Medium And Large Companies
  • For medium and huge-scale organisation, this is a totally handy and quick manner to overclock with oil cooling.
  • By applying our fluid cooling cabinet, clients are available to mine as their wishes, even of their garden. Noise generated by way of the gadgets might be defused by way of the cabinet. From now on, customers could have a quiet and efficient mining farm.
  • Through our tailored PSU and software program, the gadgets can gain a 60% growth in hash fee and decrease the value of every mining system. And because the range of mining machines increases.
  • Features
  • The tool can connect to WIFI Can be viewed remotely
  • LCD makes the display clearer and extra entire.
  • Touch buttons offer customers big comfort in settings. More effortlessly, customers can function it via an APP on cellular telephone beneath the mode of WIFI.
  • Simple installation and commission, high fee performance. It is prepared with an alarm of awesome-high temperature to monitor and control liquid degrees and temperature on a real-time foundation.
  • With the protection gadgets of power leakage, the machine gives dependable and efficient technical assist for device protection and personal protection.
  • Product Composition
  • Overall shape and length of the product (period × width × height): 3800mm×980mm×855mm, that can maintain 39 sets of Antminer S19.
  • Product composition: 200KW immersion cooling field consists of immersion cooling field frame, shielded oil pump, brazing plate warmth exchanger, etc.
  • Product Specification
  • Outer size3800mm(L)*980mm(W)*850mm(Heiner size2777*984*475mmWeight460kgInput voltage380V~415V AC 50/60HZPower200kWIntroducton Video of 200kW Immersion Cooling Cabinet

  • Tips: How to choose a water tower

The water tower is customized in keeping with the patron’s requirement. Moreover, the water tower also wishes to make a choice according to the houses of the oil cooler and the nearby climate.

Take an eighty Ton Water Tower for instance


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