Buy New Goldshell SC-BOX II Mining Blake2B-Sia


Buy The Goldshell SC-BOX II is a cryptocurrency mining device produced with the aid of Goldshell. It is designed to mine cryptocurrencies that use the Blake2B-Sia hashing set of rules, which includes Sia (SC) amongst others. Here’s a short description of the product



Model SC-BOX II from Goldshell mining Blake2B-Sia set of rulewith a most hashrate of 900Mh/s for a electricity consumption of 200W.

MANUFACTURER GoldshellMODELGoldshell SC-BOX (900Mh/s)HASHRATE900Mh/sPOWER200WWEIGHT2 kgDIMENSIONSone hundred seventy five × 150 × 84 mm VOLTAGE 176-264 INTERFACE Ethernet NOISE LEVEL 35db TEMPERATURE 5 – 35 °C

First of all, thank you to your interest and aid to Apexto. In order to avoid misunderstandings in the system of purchasing a miner, please examine all the following notes cautiously before putting your order. Thank you very tons on your information!

1 – Regarding the particular dynamic of the miners market, there’s a opportunity that the miner’s price has changed whilst we receive your price and we might want to refund your order.

We use a batch system for all the miners orders , and that we’ve each batch at quite limited quantities .The price of various batches of miners is distinct although it’s the equal model of miner . They are selling quite speedy. Regarding the noticeably variable and demanded market , the rate can be distinct each day for in stock miners . So there may be a possibility that the miner’s price has long past up while we receive your price and we want to refund you for the order .

2 – About inventory miners 

The inventory miner delivery date could be 3-7 working days. Once we get hold of your order, we are able to right now notify our technical middle body of workers to test the device you have got ordered to ensure that it is going for walks well. We can even send you a video for confirmation. We will ship the machine to you most effective when we make certain that every one the overall performance of the device is great. Then, we are able to supply the gadget to our freight forwarder for delivery. We will replace the tracking number at the internet site and you may acquire an e-mail for info.

three – About preorder miners

The real transport date of the pre-order miner relies upon at the manufacturing unit’s shipping date of the miner. We will suggest the predicted transport month of the pre-order miner on the order page so you can make a attention. However, there may also nonetheless be a postpone in transport. For one, if the manufacturing facility’s delivery date is delayed, then the shipping of the Apexto miner can also be behind schedule. There is also the possibility that the factory will not be able to produce the miner within the predicted time, wherein case we can manner money back to your order.


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