Buy High Quality Power Cable 1.5M for Antminer


Buy When seeking out a energy cable on your Antminer, make sure that it meets the vital specifications, including the right voltage and cutting-edge score, to provide enough energy to the mining hardware. Also, keep in mind the cable period (1.Five meters in this example) to suit your precise setup necessities.



Brand Name Power Cable for Antminer Hydro-cooling Miner Length (Support Customization)1.5MBulk Orders Accepted

As an AI language model, I do not have the capability to make purchases, but I can provide you with information on wherein you might discover a super electricity cable for Antminer.

To get a electricity cable for your Antminer, you have some options:

  1. Official Bitmain Website: You can check the professional Bitmain internet site to peer if they offer power cables or add-ons for Antminer models.
  2. Electronics Stores: Visit local electronics or pc shops that sell mining gadget and accessories. They may additionally convey power cables suitable for Antminer.
  3. Online Retailers: Websites like Amazon, eBay, Newegg, or specialised cryptocurrency mining equipment shops may have energy cables appropriate for Antminer fashions.
  4. Mining Communities and Forums: Check mining-related groups and boards, which include Bitcoin Talk, Reddit’s r/Bitcoin Mining, or other mining-precise boards. Members of these communities might be able to propose reliable sources for electricity cables.

When attempting to find the power cable, ensure it’s far compatible together with your unique Antminer model and that it meets the essential electrical requirements and safety requirements.

You can use specific key phrases like “Antminer energy cable,” “splendid electricity cable for Antminer,” or include the version wide variety of your Antminer to refine your search.

Before making a purchase, read product critiques, check the vendor’s reputation, and make certain you’re shopping for from a good source to get a genuine and reliable strength cable.

If you have got some other questions or need similarly assistance, feel unfastened to ask.


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