Buy ASIC 12KW Water Cooling Row HOME mining


Buy Regarding the ASIC 12KW Water Cooling Row Home Mining, as of my final expertise replace in September 2021, there was no well known or famous mining gadget or product with this particular call and specs within the cryptocurrency mining market. It’s possible that this version might have been delivered after my final update or is a lesser-acknowledged or localized product.


Water cooling radiator

The only and most handy water-cooled overclocking system for mining machines and can also use mineral warmness to warmth the house.


  • Compatible with all water-cooled miners
  • For domestic use (65db) & Nice appearance
  • Double ball cooling (can run around15W hours) & Long provider existence and wonderful discharge extent, excessive energy solution for cooling
  • Strong power of water pump & Systematic nice inspection
  • Multi-channelS-fashioned water road design & 36 circulating water channels for faster warmth dissipation

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Suitable for Use with Antminer Hydro Miners


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