Buy ASIC 12KW Water Cooling Row HOME mining


Buy If you are interested by purchasing an ASIC 12KW water cooling row for home mining, I recommend checking specialized mining hardware shops, online marketplaces, or contacting producers at once to inquire about the provision and pricing of any such product.

Water cooling radiator

The only and maximum convenient water-cooled overclocking gadget for mining machines and can also use mineral warmth to warmth the residence.


  • Compatible with all water-cooled miners
  • For domestic use (65db) & Nice look
  • Double ball cooling (can run around15W hours) & Long service life and awesome discharge extent, excessive energy answer for cooling
  • Strong strength of water pump & Systematic pleasant inspection
  • Multi-channelS-formed water street design & 36 circulating water channels for faster warmth dissipation

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