Buy Antminer APW7 Mining Power Supply Original Bitmian 1800W


Buy To purchase the Antminer APW7 energy supply, you could test various on line structures, including reliable Bitmain distributors, mining hardware shops, and marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. When shopping for from 1/3-birthday party sellers, make certain they may be professional and have tremendous customer reviews.



APW7 is a new form of power deliver version particularly launched with the aid of Bitmain for our ant miners. Compared with APW3++, the rated power of APW7 has extended by way of 200W, and its performance is 95%, an growth of 1.Five%. APW7 is extra energy green and can lessen mining expenses. APW7 has higher heat dissipation performance, this means that that APW7 can paintings in a higher temperature environment.

BrandAntminer APW SeriesRated PowerAntminer APW3++: 1600w(200V – 240V); 1200w(100V – 140V);

Antminer APW7: 1800w(200V – 240V); 1000w(100V – 140V);

Antminer APW5: 2600w(200V – 240V); 1300w(100V – 140V);Interface Type 

6PIN x 10Package Size332mm x 170mm x 125mmWorking Voltage110V – 240V.Accessory Needed NO energy cable (The strength cable have to be effortlessly possible locally.)Warranty 180 days


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