Buy 560kW 20FT Immersion Liquid Cooling Container


Buy To find a 560kW 20FT Immersion Liquid Cooling Container or comparable merchandise, you can check specialized cooling device retailers, facts center suppliers, or on-line marketplaces. Look for reliable sellers with fantastic customer reviews and make sure the container meets your unique cooling ability necessities.

  • Operating Principal
  • Product Advantages
  1. Safe and high-efficient warmness exchange
  2. With a close cooling tower built in, 20ft field works successfully and reliably in warmth dissipation and saves water. The terrific move pump decreases failures, ensuring the gadget operates in an amazing way. No need of a warmness exchanger approach cooling fluid enters the cooling machine immediately to expend warmness. Therefore, there may be no heat exchange loss within the 2d-time warmth change.
  3. Easy operation
  4. Module design makes cooling pools unbiased in control. There is a person-device interplay interface at the field, so it’s smooth for users to conduct far flung tracking through downloading an app in cellphone.
  5. Cost saving
  6. Integrated layout approach a whole cooling machine is included into the box, as a result there is no want of more money for creation. The container can be placed into use as soon as it gets electricity and water. Such an answer helps clients save time and exertions price.
  7. Water saving
  8. The custom designed close counter-flow cooling tower can lessen the drifting ratio to be much less than zero.01%, saving water. Compared with the FRP cooling tower, our stainless water tower is extra durable and environmentally-pleasant.
  9. Easy transportation and deployment
  10. The 20ft box is a 20ft GP with certificates of category, making it easy, short and handy in transit, deployment and transfer. When some sudden factors occur, inclusive of hosting charge growing, power price going up, market downturn and coverage adjustments, users are capable of move it to other sites fast.
  11. Stable overclocking
  12. Immersion layout offers a miles stabler overclocking surroundings for miners, boosting mining performance.
  13. Durability
  14. The 20ft box is made from stainless underneath joined and welded procedure, assuring stable operation, anti-corrosion and no oil leakage. The caps at the cooling pools stop cooling fluid from splashing.
  • Product Composition

Overall form and length of the product (duration × width × peak): 600*244*259cm, which could hold 112sets of Antminer S19

610KW immersion cooling field consists of immersion cooling field frame, shielded oil pump, brazing plate warmth exchanger, The water cooling tower,and many others.

  • Product Specifications

Name 560KW 20ft immersion liquid cooling container (with a cooling tower constructed in)Whole dimensions six hundred*244*290cmInner length 589.8*235.2*268.5cmInner size of cooling pool 253*seventy six*51.6cmDesign parameters Take S19 collection as an example, 112 units at most may be held in terms of the dimensions and energy capacity. Major switch capacity 1250 Rated modern-day 934AInput voltage 380V~415V AC 50/60HZWorking electricity (except for servers) 38KWMax working power 598KWOil quantity 4200L (without miners jogging)Installation cables at the least have to be 415V 3 copper cables (every which include four*185mm²+1*95mm²), 4 aluminum cables (every including four*185mm²+1*95mm²)380V three copper cables (each together with 4*185mm²+1*95mm²), four aluminum cables (every along with 4*185mm²+1*95mm²)


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